Mat Jacob is a power house of dedication...dedicated to making art, dedicated to elevating her art, and dedicated to mastering her art...She is a beautiful dancer that has much to offer her audience; taking them on a journey into her exceptional world and introducing them to her incredible talents...


"Mat Jacob is one of the most generous teachers, performers and producers you will ever meet.  She will bend over backwards, sideways and all ways to bring passion and integrity to Art.  I am so lucky to know her professionally and personally."  

Amy Sigil

"Mat Jacob is a dancer who has dedicated herself to the art of dance. Her diverse training and unique voice in the dance are a fresh breathe of air. " 

Kami Liddle

I have had the pleasure of working with Mat over the last 4 years as a promoter and host of my events. She has always been efficient, thorough and a pleasure to work with. She works well independently, has excellent written and verbal communication skills, she is very well organized, responds quickly, and meets deadlines. Her name has grown quickly in our professional arena as a respected event promoter, diligent and committed student, and a much anticipated upcoming teacher and performer of our dance genre. Most importantly she is passionate about what she does and I believe this will drive her to succeed in any endeavor she takes on. Any organization would be lucky to have her on their team, I know I am!

Mira Betz